Spring-break is an interactive installation designed for the Orebro Openart 2021. The global spread of Covid-19 forced us into an unprecedented situation of quarantine and isolation. We started reflecting on how daily sounds, dialogue and human interections have been modified by the quarantine and how the medium of these interactions has changed. While isolated, contacts with others happen through walls, doors, stairswell, courtyards or via technology, resulting into a distortion of the message. 
Spring-break consists of two isolated echo-chambers communicating through a series of springs. Each of the two rooms consists of a cube of aluminium panels arranged to be free to self-oscillate, so as to reflect and transmit the sounds generated within both rooms. Sound is the medium that interconnects originally separate spaces and people whereas material walls keep us apart. We aim to create a presence and an absence at the same time in reation to one’s physical place by offering listeners an audible room different form the room he/she is in bodily. What happens in one room can be heard  from the other and vice-versa, albeit in a distorted way, and this sense of distortion of reality is fostered by the reflective capabilities of the material.

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