Described as ‘’a time installation measured by a continuous frequency environment in sound and light, in which a work would be played continuously and ultimately exist in time as a living organism with a life and tradition of its own’’ (LaBelle, 2006), the 'Dream House' is considered as the most emblematic La Monte Young’s work. 
Conceived as an endless, both meditative and physical experience, these installations constitute a fascinating example of minimalist music composed through perfect intonation (where all the notes in the scale are related by rational numbers) as in the Eastern tradition. A set of pre-defined pitch relationships between sine tones produce undetermined auditory effects, which are perceived very differently to those generated through the Western equal temperament. Starting from the the frequency of a static tone in the electrical US system (60Hz),  the further interaction of two or more sustained tones generates a new acoustic phenomenon consisting of the appearance of new combination of harmonics and beating patterns within the audio spectrum. 
Inspired by the Dream House, the Drift Machine is a musical software designed and conceived as the basis for a multi-channel sound installation. Perfect tuning and psycho-acoustic principles are combined along with multi-channel spatialization to generate an immersive, ever-evolving sonic experience influenced by both the listeners' position within the space and the soundscape around them.

A simplified stereo/quadraphonic version is available for downloading at the link below.

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