Ariana beach - Gaeta (2020)
Invented Sea Creatures is the art exhibition held in Gaeta at the Ariana beach in August 2020.      
The exhibition was conceived as a visual - sound walk with two aims in mind: on the one hand we wanted to create a natural walk path that leds visitors along the beach in order to let them experience unusual scenarios and nocturnal suggestions. 
On the other hand the aim was to help to raise awareness among visitors about the theme of reuse. So we decided to create both an imaginary soundscape and a landscape where 13 invented sea creatures were exhibited at night on the beach. 
All the artworks were painted on wasted wooden boards recycled from old pieces of furniture, while the soundscape was created using original sounds recorded on site then reproduced from different spots and directions for an immersive listening experience.​​​​​​​
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