Limen is an audiovisual installation commissioned by SeminariaSogninterra 2023 Art Biennale. 
A work that recounts the immobility of time in the medieval village of Maranola (Italy) through the succession of visual and sound material of the processions of St. Michele - a rite involving worshippers carrying the bronze made statue of the Saint over their shoulders from the village (300mt a.s.l.) up to the 1500 y.o. shrine (1300mt a.s.l.) that has been repeated in an apparently same way for over a century. The work explores themes of repetitiveness, fragility, and the distortion of the rite along with its collective memory.  During a two months artistic residency in Maranola we interviewed the locals and collected many hours of audio-video archive material of the procession recorded over the last 50 years. All audio-video passages are recombined, modified, and played back on flawed vintage CRT TVs, carving a liminal space of colors, shades, and sound surrounding the visitors.
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