Title: St. Mary (2020) Electromagnets on Piano’s strings, Vibraphone, 8mm Video Tape. St. Mary is and Audiovisual artwork that explores the theme of the correlation of the micro-variations in acoustic resonances and video tape distortions. Both the 8mm film’s glitches and the acoustic resonances are the result of the use of two different electromagnetic systems. Analog video recording systems, by their very nature, create a series of unpredictable imperfections and variations on the video. They are due to the of magnetic remanence decay which, with the passage of time, determine the deterioration of the tape, resulting in alterations of color, noise, and video distortions. Similarly, the instability of the electromagnetic system used to vibrate the strings of the piano means that each resonant string creates unexpected and random resonances due to sympathetic vibrations and the presence of harmonics of the fundamental frequency. 
St. Mary is part of ‘Barons Court’ released in 2020 by Mahorca Rec.
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