“Every year, 0,57 million tonnes of plastic enter Mediterranean waters. […]Without action this number will keep growing, as plastic waste generation in the region is expected to quadruple by 2050”
This is what we learn from the WWF 2019 report  “Stop the flood of plastic”.
Through the Container visitors can perceive plastic waste as a direct risk: a dramatic emulation of  how it can eventually fill our living space, making it uninhabitable.
The project aims to place a waste maritime container in Piazza XXIV Maggio in Milan, recreating a polluted maritime landscape in the city centre.
Inside the container, visitors will find themselves immersed in a breathing organism, made up of bags and sheets obtained from recycled plastic materials filled with plastic waste; by inflating and deflating, the bags surround the  visitors limiting their movement while occupying their “living space”.
The sounds produced by the plastic will be then captured by contact microphones and reproduced through a system consisting of subwoofers and surface transducers attached to the internal walls. The acoustic properties of the container, and the continuous contraction of the surfaces inside it will constantly alter both the sonic, visual and emotional perception of the work.
The visitor will be completely immersed in this new plastic environment, deafened by the waste that seems to incorporate everything that comes close to him.
Eventually the mechanical breathing will stop and give the opportunity to reach the bottom of the container where information material will be placed.
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